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Shallow Waters, Misty Waves



Shallow Waters, Misty Waves looks for the unusual in the usual, directing attention towards nature. The project draws from Finnish folk beliefs and different philosophical ideas and theories. The dreamlike, enigmatic photographs seek to reflect the emotional states and mental landscape that words only rarely succeed in capturing.

The work examines the mysticism and strangeness of live in the midst of today’s busy, technology-obsessed everyday
existence: In today’s world, where we are fixated on technology and commotion, we no longer observe our surroundings
the way that we used to. Our environment has become meaningless and mundane. The project addresses how the mystery
and magic of life used to be experienced in nature, but nowadays these things are obtained via technology. Images that
might look like AI generated have been shot in the moment using long shutter speed, flashes and colour gels.

If we pay attention to the small and banal things around us, if we give them a little longer look, we might find that there is
an entire life behind all the things. Everything around us tells us a story about something that is hidden, something that we
might have forgotten about.

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