The Black Cat Kingdom


It was the 1st of April, just a week after the start of the first lockdown. I was having my usual morning walk with my dog when I decided to pass through an alleyway that I usually do not go to. That was when a gang of six black cats started running towards us. It felt like I had encountered a glitch in the Matrix.

I started to visit these cats daily for a period of three months, because they gathered up into the same alleyway every morning; I began to bring them food and play with them, because I realised they were not taken care of. With colour flashes I started to change the colours of these black cats and their surroundings to build connections to superstitious beliefs and fairy tales.

Visiting these cats every morning became a ritual to me: I was able to step into their magical and unconcerned world for a while, to escape the distressing reality caused by the global pandemic.

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